Tribe 4000 Ringette Stick

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Tribe 4000 Ringette Stick

Unfortunately, we can no longer ship ringette sticks due to the exorbitant additional shipping charges associated with items over 42 inches.  Ringette sticks are available for pickup only.

There is no holding back with the Tribe 4,000 stick. With a quick release, this stick will allow you to make precise passes and powerful shots.

Available Flex

  • 60 Flex, 56 inch stick length, 385g
  • 50 Flex, 53 inch stick length, 355g
  • 40 Flex, 50 inch stick length, 350g


  • High Performance ST tip
  • Tacky grip - Light tacky grip on the top part of the shaft allows for a firm hold of the stick for optimal control. The bottom of the shaft is covered  by a crystal clear  coating allowing for quick on the stick-off the stick passes.
  • Low kickpoint
  • Pure Flex shaft design - The stiffness of the stick is optimized along the length of the shaft so that it is easy to quickly whip the ring for quick passes and fast accurate shots.

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