Bamboo Octagon Ringette Stick - Ring Jet

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Banboo Octagon Ringette Stick - Ring Jet

  • Ring-Jet Octagons are an enhanced version of the sticks everyone has come to know and love. Instead of rounded corners connecting the 4 sides of the stick, the corners have become distinct sides. It is important to note that they are not sticks with 8 sides of equal length - they are rectangular with edges instead of corners. This new shape creates strength in the stick, increased power and accuracy of shot and is incredibly responsive during play.
  • Bamboo Octagon – Ring-Jet’s most flexible stick, the Bamboo Octagon is a new addition to our stick line-up. The shaft of the stick is made from bamboo, a renewable resource. This stick is incredibly responsive and great for younger players. This stick is 130cm in length.

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